Women’s Cardio Kickboxing

Welcome to our Women’s Cardio Kickboxing Class! Our course is designed to help you reach the goals you deserve! Cobra Kai members have had success with Weight Loss, Endurance, Muscle Tone, Mobility, and Shape. Cobra Kai has gone to a great extent to bring you the best instruction available. Class is fun and built with activities that makes time fly. Our supportive environment propels you forward when you may feel you can go no more. Come join us at Cobra Kai where we lead our members to a road full of accomplishments.

The Women’s Cardio Kickboxing system consists of warm-ups, drills, core, and fundamental coordination. We’re happy to say that Enrollments are open year-round!

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Classes & Training

Training at Cobra Kai leads to success. Make the drive to the gym, and we’ll take care of the rest. Classes at Cobra Kai are held Monday through Friday. Classes are available morning and night. Open Mat hours are held before and after class. What is Open Mat? Open Mat is space available for your individual training. For example, if you felt that you needed to practice a certain technique or drill a bit longer while class was going on, you are more than welcome to practice on your own during Open Mat.

Our gym is different from your industry giants. All of our instructors at Cobra Kai are active competitors. This means that you are getting the absolute best training. We are ever evolving and looking to experiment with new cutting edge exercises.

If our Women’s Cardio Kickboxing Class is not what you’re looking for and you’re really looking to learn combative kickboxing, then you should check out our Muay Thai Classes.

Benefits At Cobra Kai’s Gym

The benefits of training at Cobra Kai are endless. The ability to train at your own pace. The chance to train with World Class Athletes. Working out at a gym that provides punching bags, speed bags, boxing ring, octagon, and a weight room at one convenient location. Unlike other Martial Art Gyms, we do not penalize our students for missing class. Life happens and we’ll be there when you’re ready to get back into training mode. The best part about getting into shape is forgetting that you were trying to get into shape in the first place. What do we mean? Have fun! Enjoy your time at the gym. Network with others, build a list of workout partners, and take advantage of our Open Mat.