At Cobra Kai, we capitalize on boxing. Why? Because it has proven to be extremely efficient in combat for hundreds of years. Boxing helps boost your speed, strength, conditioning, health, and self defense. Boxing is full of activities and technical drills developed to enhance your arsenal. This Boxing Program is built to challenge you and will rely heavily to your dedication, desire, and discipline to succeed.

Boxing is special in the manner that you can truly elevate your technical prowess without having other boxers readily available for sparring. There’s just so much to be done in different aspects of the field in areas such as shadow boxing, pad work, bag drills, and speed bags. A normal class will consist of warm-ups, drills, technique, and sparring (for those who are ready). It’s not always about jumping in the ring and going toe to toe with someone. It’s about all the roadwork involved to prepare for the competition.

Don’t let Cobra Kai’s friendly atmosphere fool you. Our students come to train hard every day. And when you find yourself with nothing left, we will be there to get you to the end of the tunnel.

Classes and Training

Cobra Kai Boxing classes start at Ages 8 and up. We have separated classes into two age groups. Ages 8-17 and Ages 18+. Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday night. Open Mat hours are held throughout the day. Open Mat is a period in which you are allowed to improve your skills that you have acquired in class. Open Mat is open for all members with a Martial Arts Membership. Cobra Kai recommends you find a partner from class and arrange a time frame in which you can meet to help one another.

Boxing has been fading recently due to the MMA explosion and the passing of boxing greats. We still believe that it is essential for everyone to know how to defend themselves with their hands, and boxers seem to have mastered their punches better than any other martial art. Boxing has great utility because your hands are readily available and can be used in tight spaces. As in all cases of self defense, timing is everything. Having the knowledge, reflex, and confidence to quickly avert damage and unleash a fury of combos is priceless.

Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is combat effective. By combat effective, we mean that boxing can be used for self protection. The benefits of boxing are far and wide, but seriously depends on training methods. For some, boxing will improve precision to capitalize on openings, while others execute tactics to create a preferred target. Over time, Martial Artist tend to build a sixth sense for detecting opponent’s weak points.

Training Room Features:

  • Fully Enclosed Boxing Ring
  • Access to over 20 Bags
  • Combo Box
  • Speed Bags
  • Heavy Bags
  • Double-Ended Bags
  • Long Thai Bags

We hope you find our program at the top of your list.

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